This page will eventually hold more information about the publicly available solar wind forecasting code I have been writing called TEMPEST (The Efficient Modified-Parker-Equation-Solving Tool). For now, you can find it on GitHub at github.com/lnwoolsey/tempest

Expansion Factor

The WSA model uses an expansion factor, which reduces the magnetic field profile into a single parameter: a ratio of field strength at the source surface to the field strength at the photosphere. An open flux tube may have many different shapes (i.e. many different magnetic field profiles) but give the same expansion factor.


Current 3-day Solar Wind Speed Predictions: Shown here are the past three months of predictions using the WSA model (Wang & Sheeley, 1990; Arge & Pizzo, 2000) from the Space Weather Prediction Center. Note how often the wind speed is over- or under-estimated by more than one hundred kilometers per second. This gives an idea of how much the space weather community would benefit from a more accurate solar wind prediction code such as TEMPEST.


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